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Anonymous said: What products / masks / oils do you use to take care of your hair? It constantly seems to be in incredible condition! I'm trying to grow mine long but I bleach it, so it's in rotten condition but I don't want to cut it :( I need revival, stat!

Hey! I use L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil which I mix with my conditioner on a daily basis, and I also use TREsemme Absolute Platinum conditioner which is great. I do a 5 min mask of whatever is in my cupboard - atm Pantene and Bumble&Bumble every three days, and I try to avoid too much washing (mostly to save my colour) but also to just let the hair breathe inbetween washing. I use a lot of heat protector and I dry my hair on a very low heat so i’m not blasting it with heat and frazzling it all the time. If it’s really bad darl im gonna say it probably does really need a cut - if you don’t cut it the split ends and frazzled tips will only get worse and your hair will never repair, i learned this the hard way as a teen! x

Anonymous said: what age did you have your first boyf? i'm 18 nearly 19 and never been kissed :(

Serious boyfriend was like 17/18, it’s much better to wait and find the boy that you really like before kissing or sex or jumping in to things, because otherwise you’ll end up regretting the boys you wasted time on. Don’t worry chick, your prince is out there and ready and waiting for a smooch, you just haven’t found him yet. Pop yourself first in life, be fun free and confident and before you know it them boys will be falling at your knees for a chance to be your girl. xo

leenisweenie said: Thank you for the reply, I totally agree with you though, I'm much happier with the pale (my normal skin tone) I just get a bit self conscious when people sometimes say "are you ok you look pale today" hahah

Haha when people say that to me I say it’s better than looking burned. Plus, i’ll look better when im 40 and pale rather than 40 and wrinkled. ;) take care of skin now and save it later! Paleness rocks!

m8lkteeth said: hey Zoe, I really need some advice. I just broke up with my boyfriend of a year and half and I just feel empty. I have no friends and that isn't even an exaggeration. I am really struggling to be happy especially as even though I dumped him I found out he was cheating on me the entire time. I don't know how to make friends or fill the time. I wanted to ask you because you inspire me so much. xHeidi

hey sweets. i know exactly how you feel cos this happened to me in my previous relationship - he’d been cheating on me for pretty much the entire time. it’s draining and made me lose my confidence but what restored it was knowing i could just be me again. i went out, had fun, partied a whole lot and lived my life how i always wanted to - on my own. i got my girls around me, and you’ll meet new friends if you go out and try new bars or hang out at gigs or even other bloggers, and i began to feel so much happier in my own skin. i promise you’ll get there, it’s hard i wont lie, but for me it was the biggest and best ever learning curve i could ever had. lifes too short to waste on shit people and also spending too much time caring about shit people. wolves dont lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. good luck, and go have fun. when you’re out having fun and being you you’ll attract a new guy too. mwah. x

Anonymous said: You mentioned white foundation in your previous post? Could you recommend any in particular? I find that most foundations/ bb creams are either too pinky/yellow toned. Thanks in advance!

Yes! I use either MAC face and body in white, or Illamasqua Liquid Foundation in white. Both are pure white toned (: